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back pain....

two weeks ago i came home from my holiday in Tunisia  and while i was there i had a dancing lesson during this i heard & felt my right hip kind of click out of place and i felt a shooting pain down my leg & i couldnt put my right foot to the floor at all.After a day or so resting a managed to walk on it but since coming home i have contant lower back pain,shooting pains down both my buttocks ,legs &tingling in my toes. I can move my legs fine when no weight on them but after walking for a few miniutes or going up or down hills or stairs i am in terrible pain in my lower back.When in bed i can lay on my right side but after a short while i get a burning sensation in my hip so i am not sleeping to well...my doctor seems to think it may be my lower spine so he has booked me in for an xray tomorrow morning,i am concerned as to what it might be can you help...thanks flossy2261.
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Hi there,

thank you for your advise, i am  my X-ray results which i should get back today or tomorrow.

But no matter what i do to help with the pain ,nothing seems to work, i am getting rather worried now as to what might be wrong.

But thanks you again and will keep you up dated.

Take care !
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I would suggest you to apply ice packs and also go for hot fomentation of your lower back. Take NSAIDs and rest and follow proper ergonomics.

You would need some scans such as X-ray and if required an MRI and an orthopedic consultancy for a proper diagnosis.

Take care!
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