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bump on left sternoclavicular joint, what is it?

I have a bump on top of left sternoclavicular  joint. It is as hard as a bone. I have noticed a week ago after a chest workout.  I do not feel any pain and I have no problem moving my arm.  It just does not look good.  What can that be and what should I do about it.  Is it going to disappear on its own or I need any treatment?
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Hi, welcome. So, you can get inflammation there that forms like a bump.  Your work out may have resulted in this. I'd try ibuprofen as an NSAID or if you have another you use to see if you can reduce the immflamation.  If you can't, see your doctor and they may prescribe something stronger.  If that doesn't solve it, they'll test you to see if it is tumor like lesion which is benign called a neoplasma.  But I'd guess it is the immflamation causing it and not that.  Let me know what happens!
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