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can hip arthritis develop from exercise?

Hey guys! I took up running a while back in the hope that it would strengthen my legs ( i suffer from a mild limp due to cerebral palsy). However since iv been running regularly my limp has become more pronounced. Ive got groin pain too, its not unbareable but its been nagging my for a month or so now. My leg is becoming really stiff too. Before i started running i had none of these symptoms. It is possible that hip arthiritis has been an underlying problem waiting to come out once i started exercise that would work the hip?
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Hi there!

Well, arthritis is a wide diagnosis and covers a range of etiologies. Degenerative or osteoarthritis can be worsened by physical activity but is unlikely to be caused acutely by a short term physical activity; though there is a possibility of this being occult for sometime and getting aggravated y some trigger factor. As for your symptoms it would be difficult to determine a cause without a detailed clinical evaluation. I would suggest getting it evaluated by a primary care physician or an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope his is useful.

Take care!
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