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cervical ribs left and right

just found out i have two cervical ribs right bigger than the left what do they do for it? been researching can find anything on two ribs! my dr doesnt know anything about it! just how rar is it?
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Cervical rib is an additional rib which arises from the 7th cervical vertebra. It is usually attached to the 1st rib close to the insertion of the scaleneus anterior muscle and is present in less than 0.5 of the population.

It may be a complete rib but more often it is present as an extension on the front and back for a small distance only.

It is usually present on the right side and in few cases it is present on both sides.

In 90% of cases there are no symptoms and if you have any issues regarding pain and discomfort follow up with an orthopedician.

Take care!

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my younger brother was diagnosed with fibra dyspasia (bone) as a kid and i just found out i have cervical ribs. any links? or is it even more rar to have sibling with two very rar bone conditions?
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