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chondromalacia patallae

im a 25 yr old female doctor...recently i have been diagnosed with condromalacia patallae.i have been sufffering from severe knee pain for the last 3-4 months.the orthopedics thought it could be a knee injury coz i used to workout daily 3-9 hrs a week.but i couldnt recall any trauma,anyways i got mri done which showed a meniscal tear and ruptured curciate.however there was no clinical correlation with my mri and i had all signs negatve in my clinical examiination except the doctor said i have no injury but chondromalacia patallae!
i waz given analgesics and told to limit all activities and do quads and hamstings strengtening exerciises.
i just wanted help in the matter,if there any form of physical actiivity i can do to keep my weight in control.i cant walk on treadmill as it hurts and even cycling hurts a bit or is it like this for the rest of my life.im very upset because of this problem.please advice something
dr fatima.
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hi my name is teresa. i was getting an awful pain in my knee when getting up from knelling down, also climbing stairs with the pain ,i could hear it creak.that was about three years ago.it comes back only when i go a few days without drinking goats milk.its too strong in tea first thing in morning.i have a glass for my dinner every day and in cornflakes once or twice a week.  works for me .try it for a week
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How are you feeling?
You can do regular walking exercise and help you with your weight. Alternatively you can also try to drink lot of water, decrease your high calorie intake and help your health with all other means.
You can do crunches to help further.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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