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clicking wrist & sometimes painful

hi.. im a dentist.. months ago, i experienced numbness at the left hand.. i took medicines B-complex for almost a week, & the numbness had gone & i stop taking that medicines.. but recently, i noticed i have a clicking sound at my left wrist but there is no pain..& after few days it already hurts.. now,it already disturbed me while holding a mouth mirror while treating my patients..
is this a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome? should i seek medical assistance for this?
please help me...
your response is highly appreciated....

thank you! :)
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Wrist issues are no fun! I am an athletic trainer and I had athletes that have wrist trouble all the time. Is the clicking on the radial or ulnar side or the wrist? If on the ulnar side it could be the TFCC which is cartilage that can get irritated or torn and pop and click. You may also have a carpal bone out of place. An orthopedic doctor should be able to help you out pretty easily! If you aren't having tingling, numbness or anything like that I wouldn't chalk it up to carpal tunnel just yet! Good luck and keep me updated!
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hi.. i think the clicking sound is on the ulnar side.. but when i touch the middle part of the wrist of the dorsal side, there is a small lump and it is a little bit painful.. maybe next week i will gonna see an orthropedic doctor..
thank you for your comment.. :)
have a nice day... ;)
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Hi there!

Well, I would have suggested getting the numbness evaluated as well. Though vitamin B12 and other nutrient deficiencies can be a cause, other possibilities would also need to be ruled out as well, like nerve pressure/ impingement etc. Pain or discomfort while using the hand could be due to nerve involvement or due to other causes such as tendonitis, palmar infection, fracture of hand bones etc. If a nerve is involved and the symptoms are associated with gross movements of the hand it is likely to be the median nerve, while if it involves finer movements, association of ulnar nerve is more likely. It is best advised to consult an orthopedician for an evaluation of your symptoms, to come to a conclusive diagnosis and appropriate management.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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hi doctor! thank you for the advice... :) i am scheduled for a check up tom with my orthopedic doctor... i'll let you know what will be the result...

thank you so much... :)

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hi everyone.. i already had a check up with an orthopedic doctor last tuesday.. it has been diagnosed that i have a cyst on the tendon.. he said that i shouldn't be worry because it is benign.. he also said that if it will grow bigger, he will incised it or will inject a steroid..  he did not prescribed me any medications...

thank you so much for all your advises.. :)
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