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complicated ganglion cyst

I have had some intermittent pain in my left wrist for about 6 years. Two years ago, I noticed a small lump in the same spot. My doctor, a rheumatologist, and a neurologists examined it and classified it as a ganglion cyst.The lump would get smaller from time to time, but would never go away completely. In the last 6 months, the pain has intensified. Up until now, I only had x-rays of the wrist that showed nothing. Last week, I had an ultrasound that showed "a probable complicated ganglion cyst." The report says the following, verbatim: "in the area of palpable concern, there is a 1.0 x 0.4 x 1.3 cm fluid collection identified with minimal low level echoes. It is not vascular on color doppler interrogatoin. It does not appear to be related to the tendons. This lies deep to the extensor digitorum tendons. The tendons themselves apepar unremarkable." Along with pain, I also started having an intermitten "pins and needles" sensation and some numbness. This goes away with rest and gets worse after typing.

My question is: what is a complicated cyst, as opposed to a simple cyst; and what are the chances that this is not a cyst but something else, more serious? Would you recommend further investigations?

Thanks in advance.
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Wrist ganglion cysts are benign collections of synovial fluid and your ultrasound clearly shows fluid so you can confirm it as ganglion cysts.

Ganglion cysts most commonly occur on the back of the hand, at the wrist joint and can also develop on the palm side of the wrist. Ganglion cysts arise from the capsule of a joint or the sheath of a tendon. They can be found at different places on the wrist.

You can ask your specialist to rule out spurs by an X-ray, infections due to the symptoms of inflammation and also any lipoma or giant cell tumors with the help of scans and examination.

You can consider surgery for a complicated cyst.

Take care!

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Also known as bible bumps, or bible cysts.  Look on youtube , many videos about bible bumps.  I have had one on my wrist, which went away on its own, but I also a couple on finger joints, in that case they were resolved by slapping my hand hard down onto a table.
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What exactly does the cyst feel like? I had surgery 5 years ago and when he took the cast off there was a small pea size lump inside my arm that I can feel and see if I move my arm certain ways under my skin. He told me it was a screw but my new orthopedic 5 years later said it deff isnt a screw but he doens't know what it is. It hasn't grown at all in 5years and I am scared now and I am undergoing surgery on thursday to remove that and to have a scope check the cartilage in my arm for keinbocks disease. Does that sound like a ganglion cyst?
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