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constant pain

I have constant pain in my shoulders, and fingers and palms of both hands. I have high blood pressure,& gout. I had a problem with syotic nerve in my leg. Dr. prescriped 25 mg of Lyrica. Added to my daily regimen of Ketorolac 10mg,naproxn 500mg, Keetoconazole2% for skin condition,trammadolhcl 50 mg, Avapro300mg,metoprolol tart 25mg,losartan 100mg, amlodipine 10 mg,gabapentin 600 mg, Allopurinol 300mg, a lot right?? I am experiencing constant "needle pricking" pain in my shoulders neck and back. My fingers and palms of hands hurt and ache, I cannot make a fist, now the Dr. says that I have bone degeneration in my shoulders and need to visit an Orthopedic Dr. My pharmacist says that these medicines have problems with interacting with each other and the simvanstatin causes muscle weakness and could contribute to the issues I am having. she suggested that I not take the simvanstatin due to the potency of it. My Question: could these medicines have caused me the problems that I am experiencing? I need help urgently!
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Hi there!

Simvastatin does have ‘muscular’ side effects, usually experienced as muscle weakness. The pick ***** sensation is more likely to be due to ‘neural’ issues for which lyrica has been prescribed. I would assume that ketoconazole is for local application or was prescribed for a short duration since long term systemic use could potentially increase the side effects of simvastatin. Amlodipine would also slightly increase simvastatin levels, though it is not particularly contraindicated. Also the other medications mentioned could also increase the potency of each other. However I would assume these to have been prescribed after evaluating the risk factors Vs the benefits and there is no reason for these to be discontinued without consultation with your doctor; though you may still like to discuss this in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope this is helpful.

Take Care!
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