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continuous pain in left on the outside worsens when i sit

For the last few months i have been experiencing pain in my left leg.  At present the pain is continuous with sharp added pains which worsen when i sit. it is excrutiating at times in my left calf to mid knee and sometimes travels to the thigh.

I am a diabetic but I have lost over 85 lbs and my blood sugar levels are well under control for the last 10 years.  I have taken ibuprofen which does not help.  the doctor gave me arthrotec and i have taken it for three days.  it didnt help tonight. i am taking a pain killer but i hate taking them.  

Please is there any relief in site?


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I have been going through the same exact problem for the past 4 months..I had an MRI to see if I ruptured another disc, I have had previous back surgery, the mri ruled out my disc..nothing helps this pain feel better,it is worse when I sit, it is constant, and burning in my left butt cheek, and down my thigh, and when walking it changes to the side of my left knee, and calf, and back of my thigh..the only time that I am pain free is lying down. I am so sick of this, and my DR i now thinking it could be my hip. Who knows, all I know is that I am so sick of being in pain. Oh, I also have a lot of spasms in my feet, especially at the beach. Very strange, BTW I agree, Ibuprophin does nothing, I refuse to use pain pills , but found that Naproxin helps a tiny bit. I ice all the time, nothing has changed..my next step will be going to have shots in my hip..at this point I would even have accupuncture.
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Apply ice packs for the pain and inflammation and take pain killers/non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs intermittently.

If the pain does not decrease you would need to for an orthopedician and go for a knee X-ray.

Till then wear proper supportive shoes and do not exert by any intense exercises and mobility of your left leg.

Take care!
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