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continuring pain after knee replacement

I have had both knees replaced (at 49 yrs of age) almost 2 yrs. ago. While my right knee is greatly improved, the left knee is worse than pre-surgery.  This pain has caused me to alter my lifestyle and to quite often avoid activities. (even a simple shopping trip can cause a lot of symptoms). The surgeon says that all x-rays and range of motion look good and  there's nothing he can do.  I am using a pain management doctor to help me manage the pain (with the primary option being narcotic pain meds).  Is there a reason that the pain is this severe?  
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Go for present day scans and take a second opinion near an orthopedician with regards your left knee.

Rule out infections or any failure after the TKR procedure.

Take pain medications as prescribed and start physiotherapy and quadriceps strengthening exercises.

Take care!
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Have you done any physical therapy?? I am sure your doctor ordered physical therapy for your knee replacement. You may need to be treated for RSD...some doctors don't know anything about it. Please look up RSD symtoms and see if anything resonates with you. Good luck.
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Thanks for responding to my post. I did look up RSD and while I learned something new, unfortunately, the symptoms do not seems to fit my case.  I do not have any discoloration or swelling.  Just lots of pain.  My right new did awesome as a result of the TKR so I'm baffled about my left one.  I have done physical therapy (and in fact, did very well and got an great ROM back)
Any other ideas anyone?
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I am having the same problem and going to talk to my surgeon on Tues.
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