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dislocated collarbone?

I fell on my ATV about 2 weeks ago. It was a rather an innocent fall. For 3 full days I felt nothing. On the evening of the third day, I was lying down on my side (the one in question) and suddenly, with no notice or sound or anything, I felt sharp pain between my neck and my left shoulder. I did not know what it was from and simply put cream on in to help the pain. The following day while entering the shower, I was feeling the structure of my clavicle as it was where it hurt most, specifically near the chest bone. While it was in perfect shape, a lump suddenly appeared as I felt the area vigourously (there was no lump prior to that). To me, it seemed obvious that my collar bone had detached from my chest bone, and thus dislocated.
The following day I was the first doctor who said my collar bone was "slightly" dislocated from my chest bone. I had an x-ray done that, in my opinion, did not serve at all. I saw another doctor the following day who immidiately said it was not dislocated but that it was inflammed and the hard lump was a stiff ligament or tendon due to the inflamation. Just FYI, the pain was never unbearable; it was mostly uncomfortable. He sent me for a CT scan of my sterno-clavicular joints which confirmed "both clavicles are of normal symmetric locations with no evidence of subluxation. No bone fracture is noted. Visualized lungs show no infiltrates."
The doctor said that the pain will vanish within a week and that I should be able to resume regularly within a month and that only a minor lump will remain visible.

A few days later, I felt no pain whatsoever and my clavicle seemed to have been reduced by itself as there was no lump at all. A couple of days later while my arm was raised with my index finger pointed slighty up towards the sky (I was giving directions) I suddenly felt the sharp pain I had felt the first time while lying on the bed!! Just like that! I reach to feel my collar bone, and to my surprise, it was out! the lump was there again!
Feeling very upset, I extended my arm on a counter and sort of gently manouvered my arm/shoulder/collarbone/peck/neck in a way while gently pressing on my collarbone near my chestbone with my other hand and suddenly it was back in place and no hard lump. A few minutes later after sitting down and getting up, I felt slight sharp pain again and the lump re-appeared.

The following day I was yet a third doctor!! I am trying to get as many opinions as I can to make sure of what's wrong. This time the doctor also said that there was no dislocation!!

I am having a really hard time believing this is not a dislocation.

Can anyone help me understand what is wrong with my collarbone situation?
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