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distal fibula break

I broke the left distal fibula on Thurs afternoon and was sent home from ER with a splint and vicoden. I can't even tell you how painful this has been for the past two days. Its been horrible but I am now feeling some relief as I think the swelling is starting to subside. My orthopedic appt is not until tomorrow at 4pm. Is it routine to let a patient go several days until beeing seen? Is this to allow the swelling to resolve before anything is done such as resetting or casting? I saw the xray from afar and it looks like the break has an offset to it. Will that require surgery to set or am I in for someone manipulating it tomorow? If so I am going to scream!! Do they give local pain relief? I am so scared.
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I broke my fibula bone October 23, and it was 3 days before they got me in. And another week and a half before I had surgery. He said it was because of the tissue and ligaments, they had to "calm down" before going under the knife.
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I never returned to this site after the second posting because I found a fantastic group on Facebook called broken ankle/foot/leg recovery -on a quest for normal which was a godsend to me and still is. If you are still out there and want to connect with a great group going through the same things as you and you are on fb, find us and request admission, its a closed group. Hope you are doing well. I am just weaning out of boot into shoes....
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