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extra bone near in my ankle

hi. i have been bothered about my extra bone in my feet. i have noticed it since when i was a kid. my family doesnt have this kind of condition.

now i am experiencing a little pain on my left and right foot (extra bone). im not athletic kind of person that's why im confused why it hurts (sometimes). what do you call this kind of condition? is it normal?

please help me. i really want to know about this matter.

thank u so much. its really a big help.
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Did you consult an orthopedic surgeon? If not I would suggest you to visit a reliable orthopedist and have an X ray of your feet. I would suggest you to visit Lewis Orthopaedics. They provide affordable services.
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I agree w/davisjone that you need to see a physician.   However, if you are lacking medical insur. then an orthopedic appt. can be very expensive.  I would start w/your family practice MD and have him evaluate and examine your foot.  This is a good place to start and he/she can make sure you see the correct specialist if you find that this is a  worrisome problem.
Just thinking about the $$ impact if no insurance. Family MD's are totally qualified to examine, xray and evaluate your need for a specialist.
Good luck!
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hi sir thank you! i will do your suggestion  but not in lewis orthopedics since i am living in philippines. anyway im sure i will find a good orthopedics.
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I got same Problem. Its very hard for me to choose right shoes. I go to gym but Its hard for me to train Legs. I think its possibly because of these bones.
Had you consult with doctor?

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