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hip and lower back pain

I'm suffering from severe pain on the left side of my hips, which I believe is the cause for my lower back pain on my left side as well.  I am not crazy about taking pain pills nor can't afford a professional massage or chiropractic therapy.  Besides exercises and the like, are there any other milder pain medication. besides Ibuprofen and aspirin that I can take that have no side effects and/or are not addictive?  I also inquired about cortisone shots and am not too impressed with that either.

I also would like to know how long will this pain last if I do all the right things?  I'm 59 years old and pretty healthy from all respects.  I have a mild form or the beginnings of diabetes, but other than that, my doctor says I'm in very good shape.  

Please remember, in analyzing my condition, that I am not a 'medication  freak.'  I prefer natural ways of healing.  Thank you.  
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your description is incomplete. to diagnose , you need to reply few questions like, when do you find pain, does it increases with walking, or lying down on the bed, does it radiate down to leg. then only a treatment can be advisesd.
Dr punit.--www.drpunitjain.in
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The pain exists when I'm mobile or immobile and at any given position. It increases when I remain in one stationery position.  When I get up. it's extremely difficult
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