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hip dislocation

Hi, I'm a 24 year old female.  I've dislocated my left hip once when i was about 5 and my right hip 2 1/2 times, once at age 15, once at age 18 and a partial dislocation at age 21 that still required physical therapy but no hospitalization.  I've been seeing and orthopedic specialist for 9 years now (the same one) and i like him but he can't seem to figure out what's wrong with me, why i keep dislocating my hips.  I've had numerous x-rays throughout the years as well as MRI's but he says there's no physical evidence as to why it keeps happening or what's causing me pain and his only explanation is mere coincidence.  I don't have loose joints or anything.  I've been through physical therapy each time but eventually it happens again.  He says it's very rare for someone to even dislocate their hip more than once by my age which makes me think something is going on that hasn't been figured out yet.  I also have chronic joint pain in my hips (also with no physical evidence on x-rays or MRI's),  it's not everyday but a couple times a week.  Sometimes it's bearable but sometimes i'm pretty much handicapped by it and have to waddle around my apartment.  I also have a gastroenterologist for my ulcerative colitis who at one point made it sound like the two might be connected somehow but then never spoke of it again.  Since i have ulcerative colitis i can't take NSAIDS and only take tylenol but try not to take it often since i'm already on other hepatotoxic drugs such as sulfasalzine.   So Tylenol not only doesn't do much for me in the first place but it also is my only available pain killer and i therefore just deal with the pain the vast majority of the time.  Does anyone know what might be wrong with my hips?
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