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keinbocks disease,,any other options than surgery

hi..is there any option aside from wrist surgery imcluding screws and bolts ,keinbocks disease :radial shortening/avascular/joint leveling procedure,or am i lucky it was caught now before then wristbone fuses,what is the turnaround recovery time?  thanx
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hi Stevie,

I have keinbocks and had the radial shortening surgery in March 2009. As you posted this in April, I am not sure if you will have had surgery by now/made a decision on what to do, but just to let you know someone else went through it! I recovered from Surgery enough to go back to work 2 month after surgery, and have now got nearly full movement of my wrist back. I stopped having physio about 4 months post surgery. I don't regret having the surgery, but my physiotherapist has his reservations about having such a major op, and thinks that more cxonservative methods should have been considered first, but I didn't want to risk having to have my whole wrist fused if the bone crumbled. I am due to get the pin and associated nuts and bolts etc out next April. They would have been out already, but I got pregnant, so have to wait until after the baby is born.
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