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knee, thigh and hip chronic dull ache

I m a 19 years old male, 1.74m, 57kg.Not physicaly active right now, but i ve practiced 3 years of really intensive tennis, age 13-16.I ve was training 2 -4 hours a day every day of the week.
So, in august i was really concerned with a small bump on the back of my knee and got really anxious about it.I went to a dermatologist and got it checked out.He told me that was a lipoma  and it s harmless.Funny that exactly in that period I started feeling kind of a dull ache in that knee(that lipoma was there for a year and a half before i started obsessing about it).After i got my bump checked out i started worrying about my knee ache.Went to a ortophedic doctor, got an x ray, he checked my motion range and so on and told me that there is nothing wrong with my knee.

December came and my ache was till there .Went to back to the orthopedian and he told me that from his point of view nothing s wrong and go check out an neurosurgeon and maybe go see someone to check for pes cavus.

Went to the neuro, got an x ray on my hip and lumbar region.He told me nothing is wrong, and that the ache is probably harmless.Same story again...
I found out that i have pes cavus, and got those things that i put in my shoes.

This january, the ache was stilll there so i went to another ortho, that told me that i can still be growing pains.and got another x ray of my knee.everything normal.
Got blood tests, they came out perfect.Nothing slightly elevated.

now that s what the doctors told me now let me describe my aches.
It started as a dull ache around my knee, no swelling, just an annoying ache that was always there.I can sleep well at night it has never woke me up.It starts from the moment i wake up until i go to sleep.
After a while i started feeling aches in my thigh as well, sometimes going up to my butt.
For a few days i m having the same dull ache in my hip area, to be more specific, where the ilium bone is.Just the same, a dull ache that is there from when i wake up.It seems to be better when i m busy and no thinking about it and it goes away when i do physical activities like playing sports or swimming.But when i sit down, like in class or at my desk it s really annoying.

all those doctors told me that i m fine but i still worry it s something serious.
If it think it rational, from my knowledge it feels a lot like nerve pain...but could it be sciatica even if on my x rays everything looked fine?i don t want to go get an mri if it s not absolutely necessary and all those doctors told me that it s not the case for an mri.

i know i m a little hypochondriac but i don t want to ignore something that could not be as harmless as they say...

Thank you
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