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knee dislocation? PLEASE HELP

This started happening last year, and I have no idea why or what's going on.

     One time last year I was playing in gym and I fell down on my knees. I didn't fall very hard but I did get a little scrape on my left knee. I felt fine so I went to stand up and out of nowhere this horrible dull AND sharp pain shot into my right knee accompanied by a dull pop. Instantly I fell to the ground again and could not stand up (hurt too much) so I dragged myself to the wall and sat against it until I could stand up again. Afterwards it seemed ok so I thought nothing of it. Gradually it became worse. It would happen from time to time but each time worse than the other.
     Now it has gotten to the point where the dull pop does not come, not on its own.  The first time it did not pop went like this: The awful pain shoots into my knee and instinctively I pull it towards me. It feels fine so I try to straighten my leg when an awful dull pain shoots through it again. I now realize that I cannot even move my leg without the pain shooting through my knee, in fact moving even my torso hurts with a dull pain to my knee. I didnt know what to do so I figured my only option was to straighten my knee...manually. Clenching my teeth I grab my leg and push it out slowly and at about a 90 degree angle I hear a dull pop and my leg is free to move again easily but with minor dull/sharp pain. I believe I dislocated it. Recently though it has become useless to straighten it manually and have found it easier to rock my leg slowly from side to side while I straighten it when it "pops out". At one point my mother pointed out that a ligament under my knee was pulled really tight.
     At first it didnt happen as often or as easily but now it can happen from me kneeling down, crossing my legs, or even dragging my right leg sideways (moving further left or tight on my couch). Its been happening for a year now and has happened about 10 times (most recently yesterday and just now). I've been to see someone but they only said that it was part of growing up...
     I cant take the it anymore and I'm afraid It will cause permanent damage. Someone please tell me what is happening and what I can do to fix it. I'll answer any questions you may have, please help!
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You need professional help, visit an orthopaedician and take up the case, Without your X-rays, Scans no Doctor can comment on your case. "Please do not do self diagnosis and self treatment" This may damage your ligaments. Take care!
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