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knee injury

I was playing volleyball and jumped and landed on my knee, the first few days my knee hurt too bad to walk on. It has been about a month now and I can walk with no problem but if I turn or back up or go down or up hills it still hurts sometimes. It also feels like something is moving when I turn sometime .Could this be serious? Should I see a doctor?
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Hi and welcome. Yes see a doc and they might suggest an xray for injury points. Needless suffering and worrying is stressful and there enough stress in ordinary daily affairs.
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I would think so mainly because its been so long. & I had a meniscus tear in my knee that I let go on for 6 months from sports, thinking it was just tendonistus or something until my regular doc finally found the little sliver of the tear. It ended up getting really bad (the pain) & I had to have surgery. Bc there is such little blood flow alot of times it wont heal on its on. So I would for sure see a doc by now..hope this helps!
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