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knee meniscus injury

height 176cms
a year ago i was 85 kgs i used to run to loose weight n i use to run 5kms daily though i reduced my weight but due to pressure on my knees i got knee pain in my left leg .i went to doctor then for MRI on his advice the MRI says
FINDINGS ARE SUGGESTIVE OF GRADE 1 INTERAMENISCAL TEAR IN THE POSTERIOR HORN OF THE MEDIAL MINISCUS AND MILD SYNOVIAL EFFUSION apart from this everything was fineLATERAL MENISCUS was NORMAL.BOTH ACL &PCL ARE NORMAL.THE MEDIAL AND LATERAL MENISCI ARE NORMAL.the doctor suggested physiothrapy which helped initialy but as i do some physical activity it starts paining now my right knee also pain in same manner from last one year i have stopped completely playing games ,i miss my running a lot n it has become very hard to be in shape without doing any running or some cradio .now plz suggest me should i go for meniscus surgey .what should i do  now?
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hi shekhu,
well thts a bad news. Torn is a bad sign. I am surprised how did your doctor adviced you physiotherapy with this torn meniscus. Since you are young, he should have been thinking to preserve your meniscus. I would suggest you to go to a good knee surgeon for proper management.
do let us know what you decided.
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hi abhi thkns for the reply.abhi i went to more than two doctors they said as tear is grade one it will heal by doing execises quadracips etc.i m a student in kolkata as it was not creating  much problem even i didnt paid attention but how long u can stay like tht .so know i want to get it operated and want to get back to my earlier health status.
i have some questions
1. how much time it will take in total recovery?
2.what will be the round about cost of operation .
3.what are the complications of operation.
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hi sekhu,
well chances of recovery are good as per your age. I would be surprised if some arthroscopic knee surgeon gave you this advice. Arthroscopic surgeries are having excellent results in these cases. Since you are young, surgery will help you  a lot.
Cost varies from 12K to 30 K , depending on your type of hospital.
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