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knee pain

dear sir,
my name is aarti from india(delhi), my mother in law is 53 years old, she is very much suffering from knee pain, some doctors adviced for knee replacement and 3-4 doctors advice for injection of greece for covering 2-3 years atleast, one is suggest synvisc1 (injection qty 1 @ knee) and other one suggest for 5 injections for one knee.... kindly suggest what to do?

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Synvisc injection treatment is called viscosupplementation which can be tried, this does not give guarantee for complete cure but you may try as it may give her some relief for short term. Try 3 injections of synvisc along with her pain killers which she should take intermittently.

Try to understand that if she has osteoarthritis then the only cure is total knee replacement and all these avenues are for short term relief.

Tell her to cut down her weight if she is overweight and start physical exercise in sitting and sleeping positions so that she will be ready for her future surgery which involves lots of physiotherapy.

Take care!

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