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knee pain

I had gastric bypass surgery & now that ive lost 82 lbs, im having more knee pain than before the surgery. I would occasionally have knee pain when I was extremely overweight whenever going up & down stairs. Now that I ve lost the weight, my knees hurt more often & I have to be careful when stepping up or down stairs, or bending over to pick something up off the floor. Is this because im not working out at all? Im not physically active at all & im wodering if this knee pain is because ive lost a lot of muscle?
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Hi Dr. Vinod,
Thank you for your response. Im taking all my required vitamins: Vit b12, D, Calcium & a multi vitamin. Ive also had blood work done & my nutrition levels are good. BUT, im not working out at all. I walk maybe 15 min a day, & that's all. What exactly is a mineral checkup? What vitamin would supply this?  I will do as you say & see an Ortho Dr regarding muscle loss.  I also was just recently diagnosed w/a pituitary tumor, so im wondering if this has anything to do w/the loss of muscle...

thanks again!
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Gastric bypass surgery can decrease your hunger and you can lose weight. If you are not supporting yourself with proper diet then you will have problems with absorption of the required quantities of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium.

I would suggest you to go for a mineral checkup and to follow up with a physician. You also would need to follow up with an orthopedician to rule out muscle loss or any other orthopedic issues with respect to your knee joint.

Take all the required supplements.

Take care!
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