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knee problems after surgery

In November I had surgery on my knee.  It was scoped and a 3 inch incision was made.  The doctor found that the lateral cone of the miniscus was torn, the hamstrig tendon was split and he removed some bone.  I think the bone was called Fabella. I could be mistaken.  He said that the bone was inflammed and shaved it down/removed part.  This was all after the MRI was normal and 5 weeks of physical therapy.  After surgery everything was great for 3 1/2 months.  

About a month ago I started to have increasing pain. Just noticed one day it hurt and pain was progressing daily.   The doctor says that everything is fine again, just like before the last surgery.  Also, I have had some numbness in my foot.  We did a MRI, nerve test, and bone scan, all came back normal once again.  I am in the process of getting a second opinion, but was just wondering if anyone has had similar problems and what was done about it?  

I tried to do some research about the bone that was removed and can't find anything.  Maybe I am wrong on the name.  Also, presurgery, you could feel the tendon on the outside of the knee as two parts compare to the other knee as one.  The doctor repaired it the first time (it felt just like the other one after surgery) and is now saying that there are two tendons there.  

I am not in anyway trying to discount the Dr., but any research I have done says otherwise.  He said the tendon inserts to the biceps femorus?  

I can barely walk right now and just want it to be fixed.  He told me to be off work for 3 months for it to heal, but that there is nothing wrong.  

Any help is very much appreciated.
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I just jad total knee replacement and now foot is numb but has had shooting pains.  On the right instep it hurts like i am walking on a stone.
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My husband had knee osteotomy surgery back in July.  During the surgery the doctor also repaired some tears in the meniscus and the ACL.  The incision was made on the inside of his leg below the knee (extending another incision which was made back in 1969 from a football injury).  Since the surgery he has had little to no feeling in his last three toes and the ball of his foot his very painful.  The doctor says that he may have moved a nerve but that the feeling will come back.  It is now November and still no sign of any feeling.  He says he feels like he has a club foot. What do you suggest.
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i had a knee surgery on agust 26 of this year and i have,nt been to work  every since.i am still going to therephy twice a week.i still feel pain on my side of the knee,and when i stand long period of hours and it hurt ,have to ice knee and sometime i feel numbness  on my rigth foot.and i walk with a limp.i just want to get better so i could back to work.i am a bus driver,and that the leg i used.

                                                                    thank you!
                                                                     alex estefan!
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I had complete knee replacement and still 4 months and I have not been able to bend it much like is a good day 40% therapy are done, also my foot feels a killer numb n tingly help please
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