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knee replacement pain

Had my left knee replaced and severe pain from day one.  When I lay on my right side , bend my knee 45% and try to lift it straight up , severe pain on the outside of the knee. Absolutely can not lift it.  I told the doctor this after one month, he just said it ould get better with time.   13 months later no difference same intense pain.  Knee bends 90% and works fine except when I try tp privot inward to the right. If I walk up  stairs and turn the knee inward at the same time it will collapse under me in pain. I can't walk on it when that happens and swelling occurs imediately after.    What could it be ???  Could it be a muscle tear, a problem with the implant ????  Doctor will not address the problem. I have torn ligaments in the past on both knees and the pain has felt   the same for the last year.
I've had the other knee replace 4 years ago and no problems at all.  
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Check for present day scans and rule out any complications and also rule out infections after the knee replacement. Take a second opinion near another orthopedician.

If your surgery was successful then you have to consider intense physiotherapy for your pain to decrease and get your knee to full functionality.

After the knee replacement you also need to strengthen your thigh muscles.

Follow up with your surgeon and physiotherapist.

Take care!
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I had a left knee total replacement two years ago this coming Nov.  Dec. the same year as replacement they manipulated the knee.I am in constant pain when I am sitting and go to stand I want to cry . Have had ex-rays but drs. say knee is fine. The lower part of my leg is a little red while the section right below the knee is white. Drs. say nothing is wrong , everything looks good, feel like I am crazy -they give me pain pills which don't really help.
If anyone can help I would really be grateful. I am 71 and go to a fitness center a a hospital 3 days a week.
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sounds like an imagined nerve in your right hip joint ( pinched nerve)
see a neurosurgeon
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