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knee replacement

ive got both knees that are really bad shape..the right one pivots when i walk..the medial meniscus  is really bad.im on methadone for pain m..THE DOCTER SAID I WOULDNT BE ABLE TO GET A KNEE REPLACEMENT TILL IM IN MY 50,S  WHY IS THIS?? i have had ( d.v.t.) for 8 yrs had a pulmonary embolism in 2000..am on coumadin  for life!!  I HAVE 2 NEGATIVE BLOOD PROTEINS..NO DOCKTER WANT TO DO ANYTHING WITH ME AT THIS TIME!! I BEEN ON NARCOTICS  5 YRS NOW,,FOR KNEE PAIN AND LOWER  BACK PAIN..WILL MY KNEES JUST SNAP AT THE PIVIT AREA???? SOMETIMES WHEN I WALK  IT FEELS  LIKE ITS GOING TO SNAP..PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS??      THANKS      JAMES
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Don't rush into a knee replacement just yet there is talk of a new procedure that is coming out of Israel called Agili-C “ clinical results, to date, confirm rapid cartilage and bone formation, as clearly visible on MRIs and X-rays,” says Altschuler. “Patients are reporting significant improvement in pain level and return to normal function, including sports.”
CartiHeal’s trademarked Agili-C can be implanted in a single-step arthroscopic procedure. In clinical studies, it was shown to regenerate true hyaline cartilage (the most abundant type of cartilage in the human body) after six months.
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Hello Dear,

Knee replacement is usually not recommended in the young age group. Young physically active people are more likely to wear out their new knee prematurely. A continuous non surgical therapy is more recommended.
What has been your age? What is the indication / cause for knee damage?
What has been the other associated knee damage and pathology?
Standard surgical criteria for unicondylar knee arthroplasty exclude patients who weigh >82 kg (187 lbs), patients aged <60 years, and patients with more than minimal erosive changes in the patellofemoral articulation, indicated clinically by anterior knee pain.
(Refer: http://www.orthosupersite.com/view.asp?rID=21926)

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