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knee surgery menicus

Could this type of surgery they took out 80% of menicus from righr knee last Dec. , I have had back and hip problems every since on my left side. I also have a spondylthesis problem. Have seen chiropractic, massage therepy, and acupunturist for this . Mo relief its been since July 2008.
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I agree.
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   How are you? surgery for torn meniscus is done by two methods one is removal of damaged meniscus and the other is repair of the torn meniscus. In the former method there are more chances of developing arthritis and deformity in the knee.
Spondylolisthesis describes the anterior displacement of a vertebra or the vertebral column in relation to the vertebrae below.Typical physical changes that occur in an individual with spondylolisthesis will be a general stiffening of the back and a tightening of the hamstrings, with a resulting change in both posture and gait.

An individual suffering from spondylolisthesis will typically experience generalized pain in the lower back, along with intermittent shocks of shooting pain beginning in the buttock traveling downward into the back of the thigh and/or lower leg. Sciatica that extends below the knee and may be felt in the feet. Sometimes symptoms include tingling and numbness. Sitting and trying to stand up may be painful and difficult.Symptoms you mentioned are related to spondylolisthesis but not to surgery of meniscus.

Conservative treatment consists of activity modification, pharmacological intervention, chiropractic treatment, and a physical therapy consultation.Surgical treatment is only considered after at least 6 weeks and often 6–12 months of non-operative therapy has failed to relieve symptoms.

Consult a orthopedician for further assistance.
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