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knee surgery

I had acl surgery on the 1st of May - After surgery come to fing I had two tears on my right knee the right side tear went right down to bone where a cyst was .  Now still 2 months I am in horrible pain and so far every week fluid is drawn from the knee - and right after it is drawn it fills right back up - Not only that I have a lump right where the incision is and it looks like the cyst is back - I really dont get an answers from Dr. he says becauce I have arthritis in the knee and because the tear was so bad thats why it keeps filling up - My knee is so deformed I wont even show it - Anyway he wants to give me the synvisc shot on tuesday which should be giving in 3 weeks 1 shot per week but he wants to do all three in one session.  I think I should get another Mri to see what is going on first before the synvisc shot - He is going to have to drain knee first and then give the shot and what happens if it doesnt work i am so tired of being in pain any suggestions would really help
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I'm a 60 something year old suffering from severe knee pain currently on percs 325 with 500 naps I have had pt for 2 years now and takes the corts shots alone with depression meds.  PT does help but as many of you know it runs out. I am so frighten of having the knee replacement of how many I saw in pt still in inscrutating pain. Is or does surgery helps(anyone with-out complications) and is it worth one's daily suffering? And is this a cure for any of you (the replacement and being on meds)?
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