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knee swelling and leg pain

I have had two total knee replacements one in July of 08 and the other in Dec. of 08.  My first knee is doing great.  On my second knee 8 months after the replacement I developed a blood clot deep in my calf.  I was on blood thinners for 4 months.  Since knee surgeory I have had some pain.  Since the blood clot I now have more pain and I have swelling that starts above the knee and goes into my ankel.  I can only spend about 30minutes to 1 hour on my feet and and I am hurting bad.  Went to my dr. everything is checking out okay.  What can be causing this and what are my options at this point.  I also have arthritis in my hands and in my left foot (oposite of the leg that hurts).  I have been told that this ostoarthritis.  What can I do.
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The most difficult of complications after a knee replacement surgery for short term are infections and for long term is deep vein thrombosis.

You should use blood thinners and follow up with your orthopedician.

You have to go for present day X-rays and make sure you do not have any arthritis in your other joints as this can be painful. You have to restrict movements on the joints where you have osteoarthritis. You can try steroid shots and take NSAIDs to relieve you of pain. You should also apply ice packs.

You should do exercises at your ankle joint on the leg which you do not have arthritis. You can move your ankle down (plantar flexion) or up (dorsal flexion) for 10-15 minutes every couple of hours to avoid deep vein thrombosis.

Take care!

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