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left foot

what causes the cuboid in the foot to have severe pain and feel like a rock
It feels like a rock and the pain will wake me from a sound sleep hurts when I walk at times also
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If I were you I would get your primary care physician to refer you to a foot and ankle surgeon. (NOT a podiatrist). You could have either a stress fracture or fracture of the cuboid. Plus you might want to make sure you are getting enough vit d (it should be at least 50 check the woman to woman website). good luck, achilles2
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I broke my 5th met when I rolled my ankle, but it is still extremely sore in the cuboid bone area.  Nothing has been mentioned on the 4 xrays I've had.  What caught my eye was the fact that you mention it feels a rock.  That's exactly what it feels like for me -- like I have a sharp, hot rock under my foot.

I was referred to an ortho for the non-healing 5th met (not a Jones fracture, but displaced) as it showed only slight healing after 8 weeks.  His office phoned today and said it it didn't hurt anymore, I could lose the boot.  I very quickly said that it DOES hurt there, but also behind that area (cuboid bone area), that maybe there was a tendon issue or something.  Waiting to hear back again.  Frustrating.  How am I supposed to wear shoes when I have a "rock" under my foot?  It's still there when I wear the boot but isn't as sharp.
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I sent you a message.

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Thanks -- I read it and answered you.
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