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left knee pain since 5 years

Hi sir,

i am Sushil here,i am 30 years old,since last 5 years there is my left knee pain,it comes some days and some day i am
feel relax, i consult the doctor in Bangalore, they taken my x-ray, but told to me there is nothing problem in inside.
but many time it giving to me pain,and some time if i ll walk then it gives relax and if ll do more walk then also giving
pain.please give the suggest what i would do.

or give any medicine name that i ll take continuously.

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Do you remember any trauma, accident, fall, sports injury which might have started this left knee pain?

Take some painkillers and also use ice packs to decrease any inflammation.
If it persists then you need to follow up with an expert orthopedician to rule out any minor ligament injury in your knee. If required go for an MRI but make it sure that your knee is fine. X-rays will only tell about your bones.

As it is a chronic pain and the pain is increasing with exertion an expert clinical examination is required for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Take care!

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