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lump/knot on 1st or 2nd rib


I am 21 years old.
my story: after I got married (3.5 years ago) my huband noticed a hard lump on my 1st or second rib (its the one between colorbone and breast).
I went to a house doctor and he just told me that I probably bruised my rib (he did not take an xray).
It never hurt and I stopped paying attention to it.
Now 3 years later the lump is still there, and I sometimes feel presure on that rib (its not pain though).
I am to scarred to go to a doctor evan though I know I should,
could that be bone caner for so long????? PLEASE SEND SOME ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!

sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I am german national and try to learn how to write still
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Hi Alice,
First of all the doctor has to examine and check if the lump arises from the bone or from the chest wall.Consult a surgeon, if it is from the chest wall it should be a lipoma,if it arises from the bone he will refer you to an orthopaedicia,the ortho specialist will take a biopsy from the bone and send it  for analysis,it will confirm the nature of the lump.There are possibilities that it could be tuberculous lesion also.Consult your GP .If you have had TB it is most likey that it could be a tuberculous lesion.
So dont delay,most often a delayed diagnosis will only worsen the condition and the treatment would be prolonged.It is better to get rid of the problem than to drag on with it.
So ,consult the doctor ,present yourself for an examination and tell me what he /she said.
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