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lump on top of foot

Hello, I wrote in a question recently about a hard pea sized lump on top of my foot. I appreciate the answers I received and now I have another one. The lump is hard like bone and is not painful. It is located on the outside edge between my little toe and ankle. It may have been there awhile and I have just noticed it or it could be a new occurance. I went to my family physician today and he ordered an x-ray. The lump also does not move. The x-ray did not show anything. So i guess my question would be... What could this ? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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The lump is sure due to soft tissue as there is nothing on an X-ray. Rule out skin lesions like infections, sebaceous cyst, varicose vein, scar tissue, foot injury, gouty tophi or ganglion cyst. It can also be a ligament or tendon injury. Follow up with a physician for a proper diagnosis.

Take care!
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good morning Mom, just wasting time and money going to a family doctor, i would suggest a Podiatrists they specialize in feet and ankles.  good luck  Phill
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