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meniscus surgery

I had my left knee operated on for meniscus surgery on 4-11-2011. Doctor said 4-6 weeks recovery. I went to PT, and was still out for 11 weeks. I work in a 4 star hotel as a turndown attendant. I push a cart that weighs about 180 lbs. My knees are buckling, and my left knee is swollen. I am always in pain!! I find it very hard to do my job. I am going to see my regular Doctor this monday. See what he says. Am i always going to have this pain? I was better off before the surgery!! Now, pain in both knees!! Very severe! My sergon told me that in a few years in would need both knees replaced. Isnt that wonderful news?  I am very worried i wont be able to do my job anymore!! I feel lost here.
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Hi there!

The fact that your doctor has suggested that you may need a knee replacement in the next few years suggests that it was an irreparable meniscal tear, requiring total meniscectomy or there is more than a simple meniscal injury involved. Meniscal transplants may be considered in a few cases with severe injuries. Assuming a total meniscectomy; though one can usually start walking using supports a few days after surgery, return to normal activities requires about 2 or 3 weeks. Still, completely normal walk and strenuous activities need to be resumed gradually and may take 2–3 months. Oral intake of glucosamine-sulphate supplement may be helpful in relieving the discomfort in some cases. It would not be possible to comment further without knowing the relevant clinical details. You may like to discuss the situation and possibilities in detail with your orthopedician. Meanwhile you may try some NSIADS and hot-fomentation for pain relief.
Hope this helps.

Take care!
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