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more knee surgery?

I am a 14 year old female and had arthroscopic surgery with microfracture to repair torn articular cartilage about 8 months ago. after physical therapy and lots of rest, i was cleared to play lacrosse again. My knee was feeling alot better and stronger. i still wear a brace while i play to try to prevent any further injury. however, i'm afraid its injured again. my knee clicks and pops alot no and there is a piece of what i'm guessing is cartilage that moves around when i'm walking or running etc. my knee feels very weak and stiff like it did before surgery. i have some swelling and sharp pains when i pivot on my knee. anyways, is there another surgery i could have to fix this problem or am i going to have to live with it?
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It is difficult to comment without a scan and examination.

Follow up with an orthopedician and take rest till you are cleared for playing sports.

If there is an injury try conservatively and if required it can be fixed by a surgery. Again it is important to understand what type of ligament tear you have?

Check where the injury is, cruciate ligaments, collaterals or the mensici? Apply ice packs and take NSAIDs intermittently.

Take care!
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by what i have described, do you think it is possible that my meniscus is torn?
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