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mri results

hi Im 29 years old. I had bike accident and after that 4 years ago I had spine surgery. now pain came back. I did mri scan. I got my results, but im not sure what doesnt mean. what i should shouldnt do.. ? if there is ant risc of next surgery? how bad is it?
the results..:
mri lumbar spine  result

the vertebral bodies are normal hight, morphology and alignment. there are marked discogenic endplate changes noted at L5-S1.
At L4-L5 there is mild posterior disc bulge without canal, lateral recess or exit foraminal narrowing.
L5-S1, there is asymmetrical disc bulging with a predominantly anterior component. there is minimal posterior bulging without significal canal narrowing. no nerve root compromise identified.
post contrast imaging demonstrates no evidence of fibrosis.

discogenic endplate  changes at L5-S1.
asymmetrical disc bulging at L5-S1 with a predominantly anterior component.
no evidence of high - grade canal, leteral recess of foreminal narrowing.  

thanks a lot
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What type of surgery did you have, and at what level? What kind of pain are you having now?
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surgery of lumbar spine L5-S1, it was bulge as well
now I've pain in lower and upper back, sometimes my right leg getting stiff.
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I take it you had a discectomy, was your pain primarily down your leg? There's nothing on your report that would indicate that you need surgery. You have a bulge at L4-5 that's not really causing any problem and a slightly larger one at L5-S1 that they claim isn't causing any significant problems either.

Your low back pain could be discogenic (cause by degeneration of the discs) in nature, the endplate changes could be a part of this. Are you going to Therapy, because it can help, anti-inflammatory meds and injections can help too.

Take Care

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Im waiting for physiotherapy  .. Im on  ixprim at the moment.
thank for an answer :)
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