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multiple breaks in spine

I had a 100' freefall 8 years ago and have experienced increasing amounts of pain since. I have been diagnosed with a compression fracture @ L2 and a lamina broken in half (still separated and will not join with original bone) @ my L2. I also broke the dorsal area of my sacrum in two along with multiple pars/lamina between T12 and S1. In the last 8 months I have lost my lordosis and grown 2.5cm whereas I am now 1.5cm taller than I have ever been in my life (I am 36yrs old). Also, I have osteophytes growing into my spinal canal from my T12-S1 and I have osteoarthritis in same areas. Obviously I am experiencing a lot of pain so I take 1800mg of gabapentin and 60mg of opiates per day, along with 5mg of seraquille to allow me to sleep a few hours each night through the pain. My question is; why/how/what should I ask my doctors to look for about my physical height increase for none of them have any clue about why this is happening?

included in my symptoms is sexual dysfunction, L'hermette's sign in my R leg, numbness in both my R leg and arm, incontinence and regular migraine inside my R eye to ear. Also (so many symptoms) my sternum hurts like it is under great pressure; I assume this is because my spine has moved ergo so has the angle of my rib cage?

My posterior elements @ my L5/S1 are obviously misaligned...could this be part of the issue?

Thank you for any help for
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Greetings!  this is wingie,  wish the pain have decreased somehow, anyways, I just want to share some info, I told you last time that I'm going to undergo some therapy, and have been fitted with "brace", I will undergo 10 sessions, every other day, and I've already started the other day. But before I started my session, the doctor from rehab medicine evaluated my case and some testing on my lower limbs, my right leg doesn't respond to some of the stimuli that he applies, he says that its due to the "bulge", anyway, after my 10 sessions he's going to evaluate me again if it doesn't improve, he will recommend a"ct scan guided lumbar steroid injection" it sound scary, and if ever heard of this term kindly share it with me, what are the pros and cons in this kind of precedure.  Hey, its almost December, and I'll be the first to greet you merry Christmass!! may you find the cure to your ailments!!!
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