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nerve over my funnybone

I'm a musician, and the nerve over my funnybone is on fire.  I can not play, I seem to be allergic to steroids and Dr. "leaf" in Knoxville TN will not help me with surgery...why ?  he will not say.  What can I do?  I am going to flunk out of college because I can not play...actually, I can hardly hold a cup and I can definately not write any longer.  HELP> Please.  
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hello dee7777,

it sounds to me like you are having problems with your ulnar nerve. this nerve controls the feeling in the ring and pinky finger. i had the same problem, only my condition was involved in sports activity (baseball). this condition is usually associated with a person's sleep position. many people sleep with their elbow bent. this is why they will wake up in the night and have intense tingling, also known as "falling asleep", in the arm. this can range from light tingling to being unable to move your arm for a short period of time. unluckly for me, i would wake up and not be able to move my arm. getting the covers from my bed off me was a challenge in the morning...
if you are experiencing this tingling feeling at night, one simple suggestion i can give you is to take a towel, and loosely rap the towel around your elbow, but tight enough to keep your elbow straight and from bending at night. this will keep you from bending your arm while you sleep. this could be a simple fix to your problems.

if you have any questions regarding symptoms or anything, i will be happy to help.

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i also have a website that will hopefully help you.
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