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nerve pain

11 years ago i was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. the other driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit me very near head on. i sustained multiple injuries and really never should have lived through the accident ...but i did. here is a quick rundown on injuries:  closed head injury; four facial fractures w/ two blow out fractures of the left orbit; "regular" bone breaks: clavicle, sturnum, humerus, radius, ulna, at least one rib... shattered bones:  wrist, patella... crushed bones: shoulder(glenoid), elbow; other than previous:  both femurs; shredded PCL; punctured and collapsed lung.

of course i've had a ton of surgery with internal and external fixation, im rodding, k wire, chest tube, you name it.

here is my current situation:  recent surgery for removal of internal fixation (4 plates, 26 screws, 1 wire), removal of asitosis of radius/ulna (fused together at midpoint from wrist to elbow), capsulary release of elbow scar tissue.  all performed to regain as much range of motion as possible. loose body, plating, and scarring caused decreased rom of:  30 degrees extension; 15 degress flexion and fused radius/ulna limited pronation/supination to 5-10 degrees of total movement.

problem:  pain in my elbow.  i have pain in soft tissue and in bone that i can deal with, but i also have nerve pain now which i haven't had since immediately after the accident.  i have been given percocet for pain....does absolutely nothing.  indocin to prevent bone regrowth/fusing of bones.  after telling my doctor about the nerve pain i have been given flexeril....does nothing.  after the original accident i was given tegritol(?) for nerve pain, not for seizures which is what everyone assumed. (i may be wrong on the name, but its common for seizure, but also indicated for nerve pain)

what else is there for nerve pain due to trauma??

note:  i am allergic to morpheine (extreme high fever)
         i refuse to take codeine (knocks me out and wake up feeling like i am moving inside)

sorry for the long setup, but i would greatly appreciate any responses and am more than willing to answer any questions.

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Wow, I was in a similiar accident 5 years ago now, with some of the same injuries, and now can barely walk just in the past 2 months because of severe nerve problems to my knee (which was a crush injury in the accident). I am just trying physio at the moment, and am waiting for the call for knee surgery again. I'm sorry I don't have much information to give you, but have you tried physiotherapy yet? I was kind of hoping after reading this, that more people would have written you back with some good ideas. I hope you have since found relief, or get a few helpful responses to this question.
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Gabapentin and cymbalta for nerve pain. I yake thosr and it works!
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