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non painful lump behind knee

Hello, I am a 34 yo man with type 2 diabetes. 3 weeks ago I began having some pain in my right knee. I did not think anything of it because I have 3 children and they keep me pretty active and waking up with a painful joint or muscle is not out of the norm. I have been treating this pain with 600mg of ibuprofen 3 times a day. It is effective. Unfortunately the pain is not going away on it's own. I have decided to really give myself a good weeks rest and implement the old rest, ice, compression, and elevation treatment. However, today i have noticed that on the back of the knee, where it bends, I have a small (dime size) lump or mass. It is not painful. I can touch it and move it around without pain. I am not sure how long this lump has been there. I am not in so much pain that I feel i need to be seen by my Doctor, in fact I feel comfortable in treating my situation the way i have been. Or should I go and be seen. Is there potential reason to panic? After all I don't even recall the incident where I might have injured it.... Thank you!!
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There is nothing to panic but always good to diagnosis. Visit your orthopaedican to rule out any cysts or mass which might cause some future problem. Take an appointment near an Orthopaedician.
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