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osteoarthritic knee joint

I am a female 70 years old with a severe osteoarthritic changes of the  right knee joint and to a lesser extent in the left knee joint . I am still walking on both knees without any aids but I experience pain in both knees especially the right one . My doctor prescribed  me dolophen tablets for one month because the gelatinous material in right knee is nearly absent and he is saying that after that period he will inject orthovisc injection if there was no response to oral medication.
Are orthovisc injections dangerous ? What are their side effects ? Are there any other alternatives to manage my knee condition which can be safe especially if my condition will not allow me to perform joint replacement ? Thank you for your cooperation.
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The most prevalent form of arthritis is osteo-arthritis.
The knee is the most commonly affected joint, followed by the hand and hip.
In a study of 697 females >65 years old, knee arthritis occurred in 30%, hand arthritis in 15%, and hip arthritis in 8% (*).
Orthovisc injections are synthetic material composed of Hyaluronic acid which increases the viscosity inside the joint cavity, thus decreasing the symptoms. They are not dangerous and have been tried for a quite long time.
Before the procedure you should be discussing the pros and cons of Orthovisc injections.
Side effects are least and outweigh the benefits of the procedure.
If conservative management has failed, the other two options are Orthovisc injection followed by surgery.
Keep me informed.

*-  Mannoni A, Briganti MP, Di Bari M, et al. Epidemiological profile of symptomatic osteoarthritis in older adults: a population based study in Dicomano, Italy. Ann Rheum Dis 2003; 62:576 to 578.
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Thank you for your answer but I would like to know which is the conservative treatment in my case which I should receive prior to orthrovisc injection and surgery and for how long should I take the conservative treatment before I consider the other options . I would like also to know which are the precautions that I should not be doing in order not to increase my knee condition example climbing stairs , best sitting positions ...etc. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Hi Maha,
In your case general measures include rest, activity modification, weight loss, and NSAIDs.
Physical Therapy for you should begin with a program to preserve muscle strength and ROM and to avoid contractures.
Heavy-impact activity (such as running, contact sports, and heavy work) exacerbates symptoms.
A cane used in the opposite hand substantially reduces the forces across the hip joint and will relieve discomfort and improve gait.
Acupuncture may provide pain relief for knee arthritis in the short term.
If the symptoms continue for more than 6-12 weeks after grading up conservative management, then probably you should consider going in for Orthovisc injection and followed by surgery
Hope this helps you.
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