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Does anyone here have osteoarthritis in their spine? Is a symptom burning pain in the morning and a feeling of bone on bone before you even get out of bed? Can osteoarthritis be diagnosed through CT or MRI images? When my SI joints show black, and osteophytes forming all along (with bone-on-bone) the connecting sections what can I expect. My Sacrum also feels a very deep and throbbing pain which brings tears of pain to my eyes (no crying of course). also, on my SI joint MRI it almost looks like a bone is bridging on one side to the other but this is not evident on my Left side SI joint...is this anything to worry about?
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    How are you? Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in the body, including the spine. Osteoarthritis of the spine occurs when there is deterioration in the discs between the vertebrae.

With primary osteoarthritis of the spine, the cause is not known and it is usually attributed to the aging process. When the cause is known (i.e., injury, other disease, obesity), it is referred to as secondary osteoarthritis of the spine. If osteoarthritis in your case is due to some other medical condition then treating that would eliminate arthritis in the spine. Symptoms usually are pain, stiffness and reduced flexibility.

Diagnosis is made with the help of history, evaluation of symptoms, x-rays, blood tests and MRI’s. When one joint is affected due to arthritis, simultaneously there is more stress on the other joint on the opposite side, leading to micro trauma and there by development of arthritis.

Treatment includes rest, stretching exercises, weight loss, TENS, bracing, heat or cold therapy, massage etc. Consult your physician for further assistance.
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