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pain after TKR at back of right knee

I had total knee joint replacement on 23rd february, 2010. Back side of right knee joint is paining since surgery. Twice the concerned has examined and said no problem. continue exercise and walking which I am doing regularly. Left knee is OK. Constant pain pre surgery is no more. What should be done. Now a days I am walking daily about 750 to 1 km.
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i had a TKR in right knee about 9.5 months ago.  prior to the surgery i had throbbing knee pain in posterior right knee.  they tried cortisone shots - 2nd one helped but wore off quickly.  even after TKR i STILL have this pain.  Cold weather intensifies the overall pain.  i still have on going knee pain in general and doc says takes sometmes ONE YEAR before see difference. When they did the TKR they did clean up some scar tissue (had 4 prior procedures before having TKR). PT also said building calf muscles would help with pain - haven't seen improvement. I had a high impact fracture of Tibial Plateau which caused the subsequent surgeries and TKR. Am thin, healthy 47 year old. Can't stand for long time period or sit for long time period. Forget running or even a quick brisk walk. I limp still and question whether the long term results are worth all the pain and suffering to have the TKR. Very happy for those who it worked. i would love to not live with this daily pain. Don't give up getting answers. seek 2nd and 3rd opinions if need pain.
Pain is very debilitating. Good luck to you!!
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Some amount of pain will continue till 6 months.

The post surgical pain which is intense will decrease in a month but your pain will continue and the severity will only decrease with physiotherapy.

Continue your physiotherapy and apply ice packs regularly after your exercises on the back of your knee and also take NSAIDs intermittently and you will improve as time passes.

If you have any other complications follow up with your orthopedic surgeon.

Take care!
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