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pain behind knee leg,when bending HELP

hello i have been having severe pain in my left knee for 1 year now...after 5 didderent doctors,mri's,x rays,ultrasounds,numerous meds,physical therpy and still no solution..now it has moved to my right side.the pain is now behind my knees,leg area..i have no idea what to do..the pain is the worst when doing steps up and down or just daily walking..gets very irriatated in upper rear calves in both legs..if i were to trip over the smallest thing and my legs were to bend back to a certain point the pain is horrible..also have a feeling of fullness,pressure in the knee area..while im at work in the morning and on my feet pain is more noticalbe in rear leg upper calf area..i think i might have did this at a local gym a year ago...doing squats,leg extensions and leg curls with to muych weight.?? could it be something in my hamstrings?? alos had arthroscopic surgery,doc though that was the problem since mri showed nothing,but it wasnt pain is still here like it was before surgery..please any ideas let me know.           thanx matt
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You need to go for proper diagnosis of your case.
Till then rest your legs and do not aggravate anything further.

Latest MRI with a visit to a good orthopedic facility is advised for you. Sometimes you are missed of other problems so a multi facility is advised as you may need neurology, rheumatology consultancy.
Take care!
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hello thnx for post.i had been to both types of doctors...had all sorts of bllod work done and everything showed up fine..is there anything in the hamstring area or popiliterous muscle that could cause the pain in the rear upper calf and hamstring area>>??
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