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pain in right side of ribs

hello sir ,i m Hridayesh from India.I have a problem of pain in my right side of ribs and it covers right side of back.i have been done ultrasound and xray test but result is normal but still i have a pain in my stomach and ribs.i am totally frustrated becoz of my pain.plz give me some solution .plz mail me at ***@****.
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Pain on the ribs, abdomen and back on the right side has many causes.
As you have done ultrasound and X-ray you rule out major causes.

There are many minor causes like abdominal muscle strain, trauma, injury or pain due to improper sleep position at night. Please try to recollect if you had any interaction by which you had any of the above things?

If not take some pain killers and the pain should go away and if it continues you need a detailed examiniation like a CT scan and you have to co-relate the cases between a gastroenterologist and a Radiodiagnosis physician.
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keep getting tests, that answer was bull, sorry to say it but its true, you know if you are in pain thats your bodys way of saying HELLO something is WRONG here. I am having that pain you are having for 2 years, Ive had some test but nothin extensive as I dont have great health insureance. Pain killers actually do NOT take the pain away and its miserable for  years now, finally after 2 yrs new symptoms have came into play and it almost seems as if something is just attacking the whole right side of my body? pain in right ribs, and in chest under my right breast,pain in right arm and armpit, weakness in right thigh pain pain pain like hell in my temple jaw and ear (rightside of course) nausea and now severe headaches, just all kinds of **** and ALL of it on the right side-these come and go but the on thing that is constant is the pain in my rib and chest and back

Iknow something is wrong, I also know most docs just arent going to take the time to try to find something out of the ordinary-
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Pain killers are only for intermittent relief and should not be taken in a continous way but they give you some relief to the present problem. For chronic problem and where the diagnosis is important you have to go for all the possible tests to determine the cause. You would need a multispecialty to find out what is causing this sometimes. Neurologist and Orthopaedican in your case. Most of the diagnosis takes place at primary level but some problems take time to be diagnosed over a period of time with following up. Doctors cannot do  magic but rather help the patient to find out the reason and treating the cause, symptoms in a scientific and time tested way.
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I too have most of the same issues as you. I have tested neg to every test Drs have done. I havent had and test done on my kidney. I have had a chronic pain in my right side under my ribs for about 6 months. I cant even do a sit up. I also have digestive issues. Than after I eat I get pain that jumps all over my body! I have cut out gluten but still have that chronic pain but seem to digest food better, Dairy I think makes it worse too! I have been scoped and tested for everything with no results but some inflammation in my stomach. My ankles are also swollen! I have recently noticed tiny red pinmarks on my fingernail bed.
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I also have pain below the ribs ,side and back but its all on my left side not right side . i also have a lump of some sort just below my ribs bottom base of them . dov told me its possible that its cartiliage build up . i havent asked why or where it comes from yet. im also waiting on my test results because he tested me for diabetes and high cholesteral  . but ive been having this for 3 yrs now on and off . i do get freq uti's  and i got tested for a kidney stone , no findings , he did a ct scan on me but aparently he didnt find anything ! he hasnt done a x-ray yet . he also said it was a muscle thing , but im sorry when you take flexeral for 3-4 days and it doesnt even touch the pain ,tenderness,or burning sensations then im thinking its not a muscle thing !!!!!! sometimes i get sharp pains in my left shoulder ,arm , and down my leg . and in hip all on the left side ! my hands and face get puffy in the mornings , not all the time but freq . i cant turn much anymore it hurts , cause i use to crack my own back . i get tired easily . i also noticed when i sit in a chair i guess a certain way i can feel on my left side in rib area that something is there that shouldnt be ! and sometimes its painful too it gets like a sharp stabbing to a stitchy feeling inside and  i actually sometimes scratch that area . and for finger nails my thumbs look like they have tire tread marks on them with a purple half moon at cutical .
and some of my finger nails have lines through them . im only 33 yrs old and im starting to feel like im in my 50s . I shouldnt be feeling like this at all ! and whats sad is alot of crap runs on both sides of my family .

lets see my mother has- diabetes , high cholestral , high blood pressure, bone and joint disease .
(grandmother ) - diabetes, astma , lung disease,bone cancer, high blood pressure
(grand father)- didnt really know him but i do know he was a diabetic also .
( rest of family members) liver ,and breast cancer

My Father- bronc.astma , CHF (heart disease) , and high blood pressure.
his side of family  - heart diseases thats all i know on them !

well theres my life story sry it was sooo long . but i have been posting and posting and trying to get answers and it seems like no one wants to answer them back ! maybe they are just as baffled as i am to what this crap is . its really getting annoying and aggravating ! 3 yrs is long enough to be going through this .im not saying its a constant thing its been on and off sometimes it last for a wk and others  from 2 to 3 wks , this time its lasted for almost a month now maybe longer . and im just lost. im to a point where its been 3 yrs and ive survived is it gonna kill  me to go another 3 or so lol .
Anyways i just wrote a book ..... lol  please if u find anything out let me know and ill do the same with you !
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