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painful and moveable lump where bruise used to be

i was knocked backwards during a basketball game mid december. i landed on the underneath side of the forearm, about an inch before the elbow starts. as soon as i got up and looked at my arm, there was a bruise about 2 inches tall and 1 inch across. it was around a cm raised of my arm. the trainer used a golfball to make a hard pad and i used that for the remainder of the game and for about 2 weeks after that. the bruise was then back to a normalish size and purple color. after that i occasionally fell on that part of my arm, but didnt think much of it. about 3 weeks ago i noticed that there is a pea sized lump/bump where the bruise was. i can move the lump around by pressing on it, but that brings sharp pain. this sharp pain is also present if i lean on it, even if its a soft surface such as a pillow. any ideas on what this is and how i can fix it? thanks
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I would suggest you to get yourself examined. This can be an infection or a haematoma, collection of blood. It can also be a fracture or callous formation due to fracture healing or some tendon damage.

If it is infected you would need antibiotics and you also need NSAIDs to decrease the pain and inflammation.

Follow up for an examination near a physician for proper diagnosis and further treatment.

Take care!
903138 tn?1266767041
before i could get to the doctor, track season started, so i never actually got an xray or anything. but now i've been noticing that my elbow is starting to" lock" at least twice a day. i dont know whether to call it pain or pressure. when this happens i usually just pull my arm downward from the wrist and it unlocks. can this be related to the falling on the underneath side of my forearm?
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