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partial wrist fusion

hello all
I am a police officer and in sept of 2008 I injured my dominant wrist at work wrestling with an intoxicated subject. After several months of treatments and an mri I finally had surgery in Feb of 2009 . The Dr found a small tear in the TFCC and repaired it as best as he could. In addition he found that the S L ligament was completely ruptured and ended up screwing a nearby ligament into the scaphoid to help stabilize the joint . He also performed a Dequervains release on my thumb for some pain along that tendon .
Since the surgery I continue to have pain in my wrist overall but it becomes very intense at the end range of motion . I also have some tingling along my thumb, forefinger and the webbing in between when I touch the area of the Dequervains scar. In addition to the tingling sometimes if I bump my wrist I get a sensation in my hand and wrist that is very similar to when you hit your funny bone.
Because of these continuing problems my Dr has recommended a partial wrist fusion which I am very reluctant to have .  He also has restrticted me from full duty work as a police officer which will effectively end my career . I have come to grips with the restrictions but am wondering if there are any options other than the partial fusion, my Dr briefly mentioned a proximal row carpectomy but said that I would lose too much strength with that and would definitely never be able to return to work.
My feeling is that considering the injury is to my dominant hand I would be unable to return to work regardless of which surgery option I chose . So I would like some opinions as to which surgery will leave me with a better quality of life because I am only 36 and plan to find a new career after policing.
Any help would be appreciated
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