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physical therapy post rotator cuff surgery

I had rotator cuff repair (partial tear), resection distal clavicle, debridement of arthritis and decompression of left shoulder on Aug 27, 2008.  My physician ordered PT to begin 1 week later.   I found out my insurance doesn't cover the PT treatments that I will need, so therefore I need to do something at home.  My physicians office refuses to talk to me about the issue stating the PT is required.  Someone please give me some advice or some exercises I can do myself.  
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Hi Annie.

I my name is Cheryl.  I had Rotator Cuff  ( partial tear ) as well as other things done on the 8-28.  I was given these home exercises to do , I hope this helps.  I have been doing them everyday and it has helped me.  Before starting these exercises I take a half a pain pill and once I have finished then I take the other half if needed , then ice the shoulder.

1. Pendulum Exercise.
   Step forward with your right foot and grasp the back of the chair with your right hand. Let the Left shoulder hang down.
Swing your left arm back and forth a few times , then in circles . Start out small then work into larger circles. do this for 60 seconds then switch directions  repeat this three times.   do this three times a day.

2. Cane Stretch.   ( you can use a broom for this )
      Place the palm of your left hand at the end of the broom stick , with the right hand palm down grab the end of the broom or mid way .  
push the broom stick up to your left side as far as you can comfortably stand it, hold that position for 60 seconds then relax.  repeat three times .  do this three times a day.

Now I am only instructed to go half way up on this exercise I would advise to do the same .

I have other exercises that are to be done but later in the recovery period. I will be happy to share them with you if you like.  

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Thank you so much for your help.  Yes, I would love the other excerises also.  I have no idea why my physicians office wouldn't help me.   I know I can't be the only person in this situation that insurance has done this to.  

Thanks again
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Hi Annie.

    I am sorry to took so long to get back to you. Here are more exercises my orthopedic is having me do.

Arm Lifts.

1. Sit in a chair knees together. Place your arms out stretched in your lap. With your right hand grab your left wrist. with the help of your good arm ,  raise both arms as high as your can in front of you. hold that for as long as your can tolerate then relax.  Repeat this 6 times  Do this 3 times a day.

Open door swings.

2. Sit side ways in a chair with your knees together. Bend your left elbow in tucked next too your body, Now with your right arm assist your left arm out like you are opening a door hold for a few seconds, then bring the arm back in.Repeat this 6 times .  Do this 3 times a day.

Backward reach.

3 Stand up straight have your arms hanging down and relax your shoulder.  Now with the left arm you want to try and reach behind you, bending the elbow as far as you can tolerate. Repeat this 6 times . Do this 3 times a day.

I start PT. on Friday If you like I can pass along more information as I go.  I hope this helps
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