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plastic sticking out after surgery

a year ago i had a rare compound dislocation of the right index finger . i had some soft tissue damage and one torn ligament . i had surgery to repair the ligament. after the surgery the physical therapy felt like murder  one spot on the top part of the finger felt like knives stabbin when the therapist pushed and pulled.. an infection came up and i got on antibiotics the swelling left then i started therapy again . the very same thing happened horrible pain and infection. this time a hole opened up and drained. the hole wouldnt heal and it was about 3/16 in wide. my therapist said it was a tendon showing but should heal over.. the tendon dried up and fell off at that spot. and you could see a semi transparent tube loookin piece of plastic sticking up. i went back my hand surgeon he tried to pull it out in the office but it wouldnt come out so he cut it down some . that was last time i went back because seemed sketchy and the hole is still there open and sore.. is that at all normal?
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Well, without knowing the relevant clinical details or a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation. Though the complications described are not normal but can happen in the setting of a repair. Management should be aimed at adequate control of infection before attempting a re-repair, depending on the healing that has taken place. I would suggest considering a review with your treating orthopedician for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan. If in doubt, you may seek a second opinion with another orthopedician to be sure about the diagnosis and the management plan.
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thanks  yea i have already set up another appointment for a second opinion . it just doesnt make sense to put a 1/4 in long piece of plastic in a knuckle joint only 3/4 in wide at the most they said it was a suture lock. but wouldnt you want somethin that would dissolve inside?.  i was just curious and worried about the constant infection. thanks alot for the input.
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