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possible wrist fracture

i severely hurt my wrist last tuesday, the injury is where the wrist meets the hand, on the top left side.  at first my wrist just felt very tight, sore and weak, but 4-5 hours after hurting it, i had a large raised swollen lump on the top side of the wrist and as the evening wore on i was having extreme difficulty moving it and the severe dull aching was all i could think about.  it has been six days since i hurt it and it still hurts the same if not more and the same amount of swelling is still present. the top of my wrist/arm look almost deformed due to the swellng.  my family says if it was fractured i would really known it and would not have been able to handle the pain all this time.  is it possible to have fractured it and i didn't know?

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Absolutely - I actually broke my tib/fib/ankle a few years back and thinking I had only severely sprained it because I was able to walk (very gingerly and with a lot of pain, but I could do it) - I actually walked on it for a week before getting and x-ray and finding out that in fact, I had broken it!!

so yes, it is quite possible to have a break/fracture without realizing it - even if you're able to move the affected limb.

I would definitely suggest getting an x-ray to check for a fracture or other type of injury.  Even if it's not broken, you may need a brace or splint for support while it heals.

Best of luck and feel better!
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I would suggest you to go for an X-ray to rule out fracture. Do not do any weight bearing and physical activity till properly diagnosed.

There is every reason that there can be displacement and other complications if the fracture is not identified and treated on time.

Take care!
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