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post viral arthritis

Dear Doctor,
I am an able bodied man of 32 with no significant health related issues. 40-50 days back I had a viral fever. I thought it was over in a week. But I relised that I have acute pain in my finger joints when I lift things, even small objects. Furthermore, I have problem with my ankle and plain of feet when I stand on them after a sleep or some rest. The doctor says the after effect of a viral attack may last even for two months. Is it a post viral arthritis or a symptom of any other disease?
Thank you.
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Hello Dear,
Viral arthritis is inflammation of the joints that results from a viral infection
Some viral infections can result in a transient arthritis. Examples are mumps, German measles (rubella) or parvovirus infection. There may also be a skin rash and the arthritis usually gets better by itself, though this may take several months. You can takepain medicines to relieve discomfort.
If joint inflammation is severe, aspiration of fluid from the affected joint may relieve pain.

The outcome is usually good. Most viral arthritis disappears within several days to weeks when the underlying virus-related disease goes away.
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